A Permaculture designed carbon-negative food growing and recycling system for urban areas

This web site will eventually contain full directions on how to construct and maintain your own home BioWicked organic food growing and food waste recycling unit. While trials began in early 2013 with the first beds installed at James Cook University in Townsville (Australia) there is still ongoing research and development occurring, with dozens of installation sites established in the past three years to test the system under a variety of conditions. The BioWicked permaculture-designed low-maintenance water-efficient garden bed system turns many of the problems with conventional wicking beds into solutions. Rather than emitting methane the BioWicked beds are sinks for both nitrogen and carbon due to the inoculation of the soil with purple non-sulphuric photosynthetic bacteria, which sequestrates nitrogen in anaerobic soil and carbon in anaerobic soil. As the beds are soil-only and do not have a gravel or sand layer they also wick more efficiently, and can also be built deeper for fruit trees and bananas. The mix of beneficial soil bacteria and mycorrhiza and built-in worm farms maintain the soil structure and fertility due to a combination of microbial action and bioturbation. Permaculture design is based on a combination of functional design and ecological principles, and produces systems inspired by nature and natural processes. The BioWicked system mimics a rainforest floor over a natural soak, and is possibly the most natural and climate-friendly low-maintenance method of producing your own healthy organic food in an urban environment. PLEASE NOTE: This site is still under construction and further information and a photo gallery will be added in late 2016.

Organic – Probiotic – Carbon Negative